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How to use Google search engine on Gboard




Google's Gboard Keyboard, probably the most widely used Android device, though competition is growing. The keyboard includes a myriad of functions and options, which we can benefit from in many ways. A function that many may not know is inside the keyboard itself we can do a google search, without needing to let it go.

Use Google search engine on the keyboard, be able to search from GboardIt is simple and appealing to many. Below we show you how to do this, so that you can do the search at your desired time.

Search Google on Gboard

This Google search engine is already integrated into Gboard

traditionally, so we wouldn't have to do anything with this concept, to be able to use it. You need to make sure the keyboard is updated, so you can use it without any problems. This function is presented as a convenience when we want to find something quickly, for example during a conversation. Steps to follow are:

  1. Open Gboard in the app where you should use the keyboard.
  2. Tap the ellipsis icon in the upper right of the keyboard.
  3. A menu with options opens.
  4. Click Search.
  5. Enter the name you want to search for.
  6. Share that link.

When we do a Google search from the keyboard, we're given two options. We can share this link, added to a text index to send or save to another person, if a note. You can also see more, so that this link will open in the browser on the phone, so you can search deeper on the phone.

Simple and useful plan, with it be able to do something on Google without leaving Gboard. It is best if during a conversation with a person or group a question arises and you can resolve it as quickly as possible. In addition to letting you get the most out of this keyboard on the phone.


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