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How to use the Library app in iOS 14



Apple has announced many new features that will appear in iOS 14 when it arrives later this year. IPhone users will be able to take advantage of the new home screen widgets, communicate in foreign languages ​​with the Apple Translate app, and tell everyone about the messaging service.

But one of the most appealing changes to Apple's mobile app is the addition of the App Library that ultimately lets you bypass pages and pages of applications that were built on iPhones from scratch.

In this article, we show you how to resist this important reorganization and why you should be happy with its arrival. To see everything Apple has announced about its upcoming update softwareRead our complete guide on release date from iOS 14 and its new functions.

What is App Library Library in iOS 14?

Until now, every time you installed an app on your iPhone, its icon was automatically installed on the home screen or any of the following. This meant that if you wanted to get the app you had to skip different pages to find it.

Of course, you can move it to another page or save it to a folder, but it will still be somewhere else on one of the home screens.

The Library app changes this by creating a unique environment where you can see all the icons in the app. If you have ever used an Android smartphone, you will be familiar with this idea as it is a feature that has been around for many years.

The difference between these is that on Android, apps are stored in alphabetical order, from old to recent. Apple's libraries are planning to work with the category, and those featured in WWDC 2020 include Entertainment, Social, Innovation, and more recently.

How to find the library in iOS 14

You will find a new Applications page on the right-hand side of the last page that contains currently running applications. So if you have your own homepage and two additional pages now, the apps library will appear when you swipe left on that third page.

However, since you no longer have to keep all your apps on the homepage and adjacent pages, there is a new way to hide those additional panels. Touch and hold any page to enter scrolling mode (when all apps are running), then touch the dots at the bottom of the screen to enter an extended view. Here you will see all the pages there, each with a symbol underneath it to show that they are working.

If you touch any page, it will be disabled, which means it will no longer be visible when you browse pages in standard mode. When you are satisfied with the selection, touch ‘Done' and you're done. If you find you have lost a page, you can always go back to hacking mode and reopen it.

How to use the Library App in iOS 14

On the App Library computer, you'll see a folder grid, each with a name indicating the category of applications it contains. However, they are not standard folders, as Apple has sprinkled a little magic to make them more useful. Each section has three major app icons and in the bottom right corner is the collage.

When you touch the last one, the folder will open in the old style, but if you touch any larger (programs that Apple sees as more frequent) the app itself will open. There are exceptions to this rule, because the ‘Suggestions' folder is made up of large images that your iPhone believes will be very useful to you at that time.

If you want to quickly find a specific app, but don't want to search for folders, tap the search bar at the top of the page and a list of all installed apps will open in alphabetical order. You can now navigate through them or type the name of the person you're looking for in the search bar.

When can I have the Library App on my iPhone?

Library edition, new widgets, the Translation app with updated messages and maps will be part of iOS 14. Traditionally, it launches in September, more or less concurrently with new iPhones.

If you can't wait until then, you can always sign up for software Apple beta, when testing pre-release types of IOS 14. We would not recommend this to your primary iPhone, as beta software, by its very nature, is a bit boring and unreliable, but discovering new features before anyone else is the way to go.

For more information on the next update, read the 6 best features that iOS 14 brings to your iPhone.

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