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How to view the source code for a web page using Safari on our Mac



There are several reasons why we would like to see the source code of the webpage we visit. As far as I can find URL of images or links until you have a deeper understanding of what items are loaded, to name a few examples. Viewing web page code in Safari is very easy.

Menu Progress, to access the source code


The first thing we have to do enable menu Progress on the goLater, the steps are as follows:

  1. We open a web page where we want to see its source code.
  2. On the menu Progress we choose Show page source code or press Option (⌥) + Command (⌘) + U.

We'll see all the source code appear at the bottom of the screen. Code indicator it is divided into two parts.

In the left sidebar we know select various web page objects, for example the large html, documents, style sheets or images. If we select an item, on the right-hand side of the source code viewer, we will get a preview.

And it's easy. When we need to see the source code of a web page, whether to download a video from it or to investigate its functionality, using Safari on our Mac we will do it easily.

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