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How to watch TV on your Android phone for free without installing any app




The use of television has changed a lot in recent decades, in part because of the devices we use and partly due to the massive global reach of platforms like Netflix.

Besides, there are still many reasons why we want to watch TV on our phones, maybe a specific channel, and there is a very easy way to do it without having to install anything on our phones, if we don't want to download the programs.

Photocall TV is an excellent website for watching TV on mobile

So you can watch TV on your mobile phone without installing any app

Although there are many web pages that allow us to watch various television channels, they are few simple and have multiple options like Photocall TV.

This page allows us to navigate between hundreds of channels around the world using its simple interface, or integrated search engine.

When we find a channel we want to see, we simply click on it, and the broadcast will begin. If we want to see something that has happened we must simply go through the bottom line, as we will do in services like YouTube.

So you can watch TV on your mobile phone without installing any app

If we do this and want to return to the live show, we can do so by clicking the Back to Live option below.

Changing quality and speed

There are two curious functions in the bar below. One allows us to change the speed of gaming, as we can do on other platforms. We can accelerate it to 2x or reduce it to 0,10 x.

So you can watch TV on your mobile phone without installing any app

On the other hand, we can also change the quality of available streaming, if our communication is not particularly good.

If we want to have direct access to a particular channel, we can build it as we would with any website once we have started watching it, and then store it in the bookmarks or faces of our laptop.

No wonder that use Photocall TV we must have an Internet connection with a web browser, no subscription or application required.