Zombies Run

One of the goals of thousands of people at the start of the year is to start exercising. This, which is one of those things that we usually think about, may or may not come true depending on many factors and logically the more help and motivation the better, so for those who are thinking of run, we want to share a great app to get started: Zombies Run!

This is not a joke, it is about Run past the zombies to run away from them. This is an app which can be downloaded for free and which incorporates purchases for those who are really addicted to the game of running and escaping the zombies that are chasing us.

The only downside or issue we find with the app is that it is completely in English, the entire app, so if you have trouble understanding the language it may be hard to follow, it may also motivate us to learn the language this year but there are already other apps out there for that… Hell.

Different ways to run and improve

The goal of this app is for you to move and for that it gives us a different experience from similar running apps and also some kind of s tory that happens while you run

. In this case there are several ways to run or “play” like Chased by zombies, which will take us to an interval training session. We choose a song at random, suddenly a robotic voice comes over us warning us: “Zombies 100 yards away” and at this point we have to increase the pace by 20% for the next minute to escape.

But don’t worry, there are several stages until you hit interval training mode, so everyone will print the pace they can and how they can. East a great way to start and especially to improve performance at the passage of the races which we carry out.

The experience with helmets is brutal and as they say the only problem is that if you are not proficient in English it can be difficult to complete the training. Either way you we advise you to try this application and at least try to reach the goal of the year to get in shape, whether it’s running, with apps or however you want.

Zombies, run!  (AppStore link)