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If you’re using the VivaVideo app, remove it immediately: it’s dangerous




With certain threats often popping up in apps on Android, as happened recently with the BBVA application in Spain, affected by the malware it installed. Today it is spyware that puts millions of users on Android to be tested, available in the VivaVideo app, a popular video editing app.

This well-known app has Trojan inside it, called AndroidOS or AndroRat, it has ability to steal banking information users (bank account, PayPal or cryptocurrencies). Something to worry about when we have an app is that the app can download over 100 million from the Play Store.

Spyware steals banking information

VPN Pro got this spyware in the application, to publish the report on their website for more details. VivaVideo is a video editing app, which users can download on Android and iOS. It is an application that requests permissions that are not relevant to your work, such as GPS clearance, phone status, program writing or contact access. The first clue that something suspicious is happening.

This problem was not only found on VivaVideo, though and other applications from QuVideo Inc, the company behind the program, is suspicious and has in the past been discovered as spyware, for the past three years there have been news about it. Five of the company's applications have fetched about 157 million downloads in total

A VPN Pro report notes that other apps such as VidStatus, Vivacut and Troo published in the Google Play Store. They all have the same URL elements, in addition to having the same API button, but have been published from other developer accounts, although it is alleged that the creators of VivaVideo also behind these programs, recommend users to have them. install them remove ASAP.

Therefore, users are requested review the permissions required by these applications, because in many cases they request more permissions than is necessary for the video editor. It's good to stop using them, because they are unsafe, so if you are using VivaVideo or other QuVideo apps on your phone, keep switching off.

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