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Importance of Dear Contacts on our iPhone




Application Phone Our iPhone allows us to define our favorite contacts. At first glance you seem to be able to access them instantly, but the fact that your contact is still a favorite. has many consequences.

How to manage your favorite contacts


First let's see how to add people to the list of favorites, rearrange the list and edit it. The steps are very simple. First we get to the list Favorites:

  1. We open the app Phone on our iPhone.
  2. We add a tab Favorites.

To add your favorites the steps are as follows:

  1. We touch the "+" button on the top left.
  2. Search for or choose your favorite contact from the list.
  3. We prefer to touch it in Favorites, we want to send you a message, call you or email you.
  4. Next we choose which phone number we want to send a message or call, or which email we want to write.

To rearrange or edit the list of favorites steps is very simple. First we play Edit top right. Next we touch the red button many times Remove to delete an item from the list or use three-line (iz) icons to drag and edit the list.

And this, does anything work?


Yes .. Firstly, a quick and comfortable communication with the people we talk to regularly. When we need to make a phone call (or write a message or email) we simply open the app Phone

, we go into the tab Favorites and it affects the person we want to talk to. Otherwise we can press and hold on top of the app icon Phone and we'll see the first four words from the list, reaching far faster.

In addition there are details of great importance. When activating mode Don't interruptBy default, your internal contacts Favorites they will skip that mode again we will welcome your call again. The most helpful thing if we want to make sure we never miss a call from our partner, mom, son, etc.

Similarly, when we activate the mode do not interrupt while driving and we get a message from our favorite iPhone automatically will answer that we're driving and we'll see your message soon.

These are two small details that show that the list of favorites is more than just a simple quick drive because, in fact, we can always go to Siri for this.


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