The social network of this era is constantly being updated, in fact there are many updates they present, usually weekly, which we don't even look at the news box to see what new things the company has released by Facebook. Of course, as with the Actualidad iPhone we always pay attention to the news We'll tell you what features Instagram brings to you, among which you can delete most comments,

working out what a large number of users are looking Let's take a look at what all these issues are and in particular how we should use them to get the most out of them.

As we mentioned, the first performance that draws your attention is that massively delete comments, that is, delete multiple comments at once. It will be much easier:

  1. Click on the comment and then the “…” icon in the upper right.
  2. Select the "Manage Comments" option to select and delete.
  3. Press "More options" to review other skills.

We will be able to simultaneously select up to 25 comments and with the options shown above we will also be able to limit or close those accounts. But that's not all. You can now manage directions and labels on your Instagram account.

  1. To open the Instagram app, we go to the Settings section
  2. Within Settings we go to the "Privacy" section
  3. We select the "Tags" option
    1. Everyone
    2. Only people you follow
    3. There is no

This is all news for the latest version of Instagram and how to use its power. We hope our booklet has helped you to make your daily use easier and most of all, do your best for both the app and your iPhone. Tell us if you know any other Instagram tricks.