Shortcuts change your view of shortcuts in iOS 14.3

A few days ago, Apple launched the second beta version of iOS 14.3 for developers for the next big iOS update. The big novelty found in this version is the arrival of fashion Apple ProRAW for the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max. This function allows you to shoot in RAW directly from the Camera application. However, news related to the app was also found Shortcuts. With this new version We can launch apps with custom icons without having to go through the Shortcuts app.

In this way, Apple improves the personalization of the home screens, trying not to lose performance.

Customize icons and launch applications without going through shortcuts and iOS 14.3

Until now, iOS 14 allowed to create shortcuts with custom icons on the home screen. To turn this icon into a gateway to a specific app, they had to link it with a shortcut. And that shortcut was to open a certain app. However, taken to life, when you click on this custom icon, Shortcut app opens and runs shortcut opening of the other application. It is a little visual process because several tabs are open and the time required to access information increases.

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An overview of the main new features of shortcuts in iOS and iPadOS 14

It is clear that although we are talking about apps and shortcuts, the The operation extends to any custom icon shortcut.

That is to say that the novelty is not only in the direct accesses of the applications, but in any direct access that we add through the Shortcuts application, such as uploading images to a repository, launching a countdown, posting images on social media, etc.

The iOS 14.3 beta 2 fixes this problem. Although the dynamic for creating the shortcut remains the same and a shortcut is still required, iOS now does not access the Shortcuts app by default. Instead, a banner will appear at the top indicating that a shortcut has been run. In this way, users go directly to the application in question when they click on the custom icon.