Apple Wallet and iOS 15

In the 21st century, having all credit cards, boarding passes, movie tickets, convention tickets, etc. on your mobile. it has become commonplace. To keep this whole arsenal of information tidy, Apple created the app Wallet several years ago with the aim of store all cards and passes in one place relevant to the user. But like many apps on iOS, it hasn’t been updated over the years. However, with the arrival of iOS 15, Apple fixed one of the main issues that existed in this app: foreground display of old event maps.

iOS 15 allows you to hide it automatically.

Wallet will automatically hide expired travel and event tickets on iOS 15

With Wallet, you can have credit, debit and prepaid cards, membership and loyalty cards, boarding passes, tickets, coupons, student cards, and more in one place.

Wallet used to store boarding passes, tickets and other types of access credentials. However, many of these cards they expired because the event happened or because we had already used them. To make them disappear from the app it was necessary to delete them one by one and sometimes it was quite a boring job.

Wallet in iOS 15

The arrival of iOS 15 has put an end to this problem by adding the option: “Hide expired cards”. That is, by activating this option when events occur and cards expire, they will no longer be visible on the main Wallet screen. This, yes, they are not definitively eliminated, leave all expired passes in a space in the app to keep them as a souvenir.

iOS 15 says goodbye to expired travel and event cards in Wallet 1

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According to the developers, the iOS 15 code hints at an additional option although it has yet to be released. This option would allow delete several passes at once. That is to say, we could permanently eliminate several cards instead of going one by one as we are doing today with iOS 14. We will see if these functions are finally introduced in the final version and the impact it will have. ‘they have on the user-friendliness of the application to use it daily.