IPad Pro

It looks like an argument when we all see news of a decline in Apple products sales and their predictions over the months. But in the case of the iPad being a very attractive tool for homework It is fueling demand generated in China as described by other media.

Covid-19 creates real problems to leave or even leave home, as well Demand for iPads in China is growing. The demands of working from home or studying from anywhere increase the demand for this device, but production is affected by a shortage of inorganic, labor components.

IPad production in China is split between two companies, one of them is Compal, which makes the lightest distance models and the other is Foxconn's most popular, made primarily by iPad's professional range, IP Pro. In this case, the demand for the product is high in the new market as the second-hand market is in the direct market of second-hand iPads when greater demand is considered in China, causes prices to rise slightly

. Apple's retail platforms will increase the price between 100 and 200 CNY.

On the other hand, Dimitimes estimates that both Compal and Foxconn operate at about 30 percent of their capacity and this means that production outside of China remains a priority these days. Manufacturers of AirPods, iPad and Apple Watch are moving from China to Taiwan, and Foxconn says it has begun work to expand manufacturing plants outside of China.