IPhone 11 and iPhone 12 monopolize the US market according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners 1

A new report on US sales by Consumer Intelligence Research Partners shows that 61% of sales made from January to April in progress in the country, they clearly fall on the iPhone 12 side.

The health of the iPhone in the United States is undoubtedly enviable and it seems that the trend is continuing to increase. The various Apple models continue to be “the dominators” of an increasingly complex market, but Apple knows how to take advantage of its products

and this is demonstrated by the various analysts who study the sales or shipping figures of the devices.

The one we show below isn’t lying and it looks like IPhone 11 with iPhone 12 pro Max and iPhone 12 are those who hold the largest market share in the country:

US iPhone Sales Data

It appears that large screens continue to be the target of iPhone users, with the iPhone 12 pro Max having the highest sales this quarter. On the other hand, we see the difference with The iPhone 11 which, in the same March of the previous year, achieved a greater portion of sales.

Let it be clear that these percentages of these values ​​are not quite real, but they seem to be quite close to reality. Apple typically doesn’t break down the sales of its devices and lump everything into one set, so it’s hard to get 100% accuracy with the data. This is equivalent to a failure but in fact, global sales in the United States continue to decline for the most part in the iPhone bag

. In AppleInsider, they show us this data published by the CIRP.