IPhone 13 Concept

2021 started with leaks related to many of the Big Apple’s products. The iPhone is one of the flagship devices of each year. The views are still set in September, the month chosen by Apple to launch the new generations of its best-selling smartphone in the world. The latest information from a Japanese blog predicts that IPhone 13 will always have a notch although slightly smaller. In addition, we must add that all four models will be a bit thicker than the iPhone 12.

The rear cameras, on the other hand, won’t receive big improvements as they will retain the lenses.

Let’s not put high expectations on the iPhone 13: less notch and more thickness

The responsible for the leaks is the Japanese blog MacOtakara, which for several days predicted the future of several devices in the Big Apple. Today is the turn of iPhone 13. This new device will arrive in September 2021 in the same four current models: iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. We’ll comment on the most reviewed news below. However, the summary of the report is that we don’t expect a drastic change like we’ve heard in recent months for the iPhone 13.

IPhone 13 will continue to have a notch and will be 0.26mm thicker 1

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In the first place, iPhone 13 sizes will not vary. They will remain the same models, with the same dimensions except for one increase in thickness of only 0.26 mm. If we continue forward we will see that the notch is still present but with a size slightly smaller than the iPhone 11 and 12 since some sensors of the True Depth complex would have been moved. This could reduce the size of the notch that first appeared on the iPhone X.

IPhone 13 Concept

On another side, all rear cameras will keep the same size and same lens as will happen with the new iPad Pro. Additionally, it looks like the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max have a complex of identical rear cameras so that the iPhone 13 Pro can stabilization improvements and 2.5x optical zoom who only received the iPhone 12 Pro Max last September.

It would seem that we will have to wait until the iPhone 14 has an iPhone without a notch.