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IPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro Max in speed tests, will there be any surprise?



IPhone SE vs iPhone 11 Pro Max in speed tests, will there be any surprise?

At a base price of $489, the iPhone SE and its power are hard to beat in many ways. With the A13 chip as the heart of this little iPhone, it has already shown that it can with other giants like the Samsung Galaxy S20 or One Plus 8, but What happens when we meet his older brother? This is what they did on the YouTubeBellBuff channel, where they survey visitors set the 2020 iPhone SE face-to-face against the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Aside from the obvious differences between the two devices, what we like is their similarity. And that's it both feature the most powerful smartphone available today for a smartphone, so without the heat exchanger and the difference of 1 GB of RAM over at 11 Pro Max, their performance would have to be very similar. Let's see…

As you may have seen, The iPhone 11 Pro Max is the winner, although it is not possible with the line many would expect. And that the little iPhone SE does pretty well as far as RAM memory is concerned. The lower screen resolution of the iPhone SE is important so that at first glance it can be a few seconds ahead of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, but when reopening the operating system, it is a high-performance model. Due to that extra GB of RAM, it's much faster to re-open previously locked applications, while SE is forced to reopen those that were closed from scratch to continue unlocking others.

Despite the iPhone 11 Pro Max victory, when talking about power and considering its price, it is clear that the lowest bid of € 500 for the winner is the 2020 iPhone SE.

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