Is Apple Leaking Leak? 1

The recent story of the Apple leaks turns into a real circus in which so-called “reliable sources” continually fail in their predictions, the last example we have in the supposed event of March. Is Apple playing with its moles?

Jim Prosser is going to have to shave his eyebrows after losing his bet on the supposed event on March 23. And this is not the first time that this has happened in recent months. Prosser’s reliability is quite questionable

, with some success but many corrections as the dates of their predictions approach, and several errors. In a recent video, he explains what he thinks caused this latest mistake in his “crystal ball”, and it may be a simple excuse to justify his failures, but it is also possible that he is right.

Prosser assures that the source which assured him the date of March 23 as the one which will host the next Apple event had an impeccable record of success, and that other “gurus” such as Kang and l0vetodream had also given this same date as the final one. However, we are already less than a week away from the date and it is practically impossible for Apple to organize the event on this day. A last-minute move in response to the leaks? Prosser assures us not. A very reliable source has already told him about April for the event, but most sources have assured that it will take place in March, and that is why he opted for it last month for his predictions. The reason? Apple disclosed this date to uncover information-leaking moles within the company


In an internal company blog, Apple reported that only in the last year he chased 29 filterings, 12 of whom were even arrested. “These people not only lose their jobs, but can face significant legal consequences and find it very difficult to find a new job.” It can be just an excuse to justify mistakes, but it can also be Apple’s strategy to tackle the leaks and leave Prosser and his company in a bad spot.