Without loss

This morning is very busy when it comes to Apple’s music streaming service, Apple Music. It looks like the Cupertino company is set to launch this new hi-fi music service also known as Hi-Fi. In this case, what a designer found on the website of Apple Music

this would be the design of this new service that Apple is supposed to launch in the next few hours.

The design of this “Lossless” was discovered by designer Stijn de Vries, later it was published in the network. There is also talk that there is a logo that can read “Hi-Res Lossless” so we would be very close to its arrival.

Last week we talked about this problem on iPhone today and a few hours ago our colleague Luis Padilla published an article in which he also mentioned the arrival of this new quality of service for Apple Music users.

On the Apple Music website, there isVarious references to Lossless audio and even Dolby Atmos, so this all rushes very quickly and in the next few hours it will surely be official. The MacRumors website showed this leaked logo a few minutes ago. It is possible that tomorrow all this will become a reality and learn to offer this audio quality in its Apple Music service.