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ITP promotes Safari privacy




With the update of iOS, iPadOS 13.4 and MacOS 10.15.4 that arrived yesterday, one of the issues that may be overlooked is the new version of Safari. With this new version Apple has greatly improved the Intelligent Tracking Prevention program (ITP) is designed to prevent pages from following us on our journey.

ITP, the reason for choosing Safari is when we value our privacy


Intelligent Tracking Prevention, which we can describe as "intelligent tracking blocking" is a mission launched by Apple in 2017. Thanks to this program Tracking web pages is very difficult. It should be noted that the ITP is not a barrier to advertising, what prevents ads, advertisers or forums from knowing, for example, that this morning we have read the news for a while, then seen YouTube videos where Accessory HomeKit was mentioned and then to Amazon , even though we've left without buying anything, and we've just finished seeing the kittens on Instagram.

Since its launch in mid-2017, the ITP has been a huge success in protecting our privacy and our browsing habits. Now with new types of apps, The ITP will include blocking third party cookies

by default.

The developers working with this function have specified it on the WebKit blog:

Cookies cookies (third party location) bells are now automatically blocked This is a major privacy enhancement, as remove any variants or "other third-party tracking is allowed."

It may seem like a big change rather than an existing one. But we have added many restrictions to the ITP since its first introduction in 2017 that third party cookies are now banned from Safari. To further support integration between sites, we introduce API Access Storage

In the last two years to provide proven authentication methods for accessing cookies, it has always forced websites to restore user power. This API is currently passing through the process level W3C Privacy Group.

With these changes the ITP confirms that websites cannot see their effectiveness blocking the cookie, this prevents the attacker from seeing the ITP status.

Remember that this is required link to website First, so that your cookie is valid (like a third party cookie) on another website. As we browse the Internet and access various websites, cookies from these websites may be viewed by other pages we visit. As such, it is provided with a diagnostic system where you can track all our movements on the network. For example, we can visit your Social Media Fingerprint website, which, despite being on the domain, knows all the pages where we started our time.

The protection mechanisms provided by the ITP continue, for example, for a life span of more than seven days for archives or for recurrence delays. We can read through all the news on the WebKit blog.

Without a doubt, ways to protect our privacy while browsing will make them more numerous Let's choose Safari before other browsers. It is not that we have anything to hide, it is our information and should not be used commercially without our permission.

More details | WebKit


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