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It's impossible to do telework with an Android tablet, not so much with a Surface or iPad




It's impossible to do telework with an Android tablet, not so much with a Surface or iPad

I have no doubt that the coronavirus epidemic will change us all, for better or for worse, and not just for us as individuals but also for companies, now with a good chance explore new technology, teleworking and how it works a high percentage of employees perform their jobs remotely.

Of course the most important part has always been to accept change immediately, but the reality is teleworking alone has benefits at least in terms of reconciliation, and in part to save travel and consequently pollute the weather.

In any case, remote work requires a comfortable and adequate environment, too various machines that enable us to easily uninstall it when you go to meetings or on days when it is not possible for you to clear an office, so pills returned straight forward to show that, when we talk about Android, they are not optimized for teleworking.

It's impossible to do telework with an Android tablet, not so much with a Surface or iPad

Of course, anything is possible, a sea of ​​Google Play apps is also helpful, though Android looks like it has lost its opportunity you search for that feeling of continuity between desktop and home, staying in the middle of production it also makes it difficult to accept it in its surroundings business.

Yes, well we can use the Android tablet to teach tasks, to present drawings, read texts or in many other contexts in the work, we should also note that their use is limited to the possibilities of Hardware and software, the remainder being a supplement, and showing that here Microsoft and Apple play with years of profit for your iPad and higher devices.

Apple has grown from a foundation of success, and Microsoft has completely adapted to the new role with Windows participation.

In fact, an option Apple has grown and a lot especially over the last two years, I am learning from the great things that today a very consistent and flexible Macbook experience at a cheap price.

According to him, Microsoft was already playing with the benefit of other manufacturers' experience, who filled their platform with ultrabooks and variables are everywhere, so for you it is worth getting that Suitable Symbiosis acquired by Surface, Windows 10 and Windows Ink, with its active handle and popular keyboard built-in in this case.

We know that Windows 10X wants to be an alternative to various variables, and we'll see if Microsoft achieves this by the end of the year when today's Surface Neo arrives, but it's Microsoft had a competitive advantage

that he could not stop taking advantage of the opportunities, and that was almost entirely Windows entry, to keep up with almost all the software we need, and in our continued software experience.

It's impossible to do telework with an Android tablet, not so much with a Surface or iPad

If you want a multi-purpose tablet to work with, these are your best options

Microsoft Surface Pro 6

Exactly the Surface Pro 6 you are a highly compensated option in Microsoft's catalog, for some part of the optimized optimization performance and The full Windows 10 experience and its Windows Windows environment support a style

active increasing opportunities.

Screen in your state 12.3 inch, for comfortable size and for touch and multi-touch, it leaves a pixel friction at 267 dpi and is able to mount. solid storages up to 1TB verify the remaining power to operate.

This changing tablet has USB 3.0 connector, microSD slot, other Mini DisplayPort port connect external monitor, in addition to accessories, almost universal synchronization with peripherals as well known keyboard / cases from the Surface range.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

The new generation of expand the opportunities, upgrade the Hardware and upgrade too much. This is exactly what this Surface Pro 7 promises with the advent of Windows 10X at the end of the year, and most likely it is a feeling that can be completely transformed on Microsoft's platform from afar.

We're talking about a computer that can't understand provides opportunities to install highly efficient Hardware market, but it has basic versions that start from 899 euros worth of, all have 12.3-inch panel and accompanying style goods and Windows Ink environment.

An over-the-top tool, we can work at home to feed multimedia content, create a place for ourselves as our booklet, drawings and drawings and join your keyboard / case with back-up to be ultrabook fully loaded.

Hardware is flexible with Intel chipsets next – up to 16GB of RAM, sturages with up to 1 TB and USB-C and USB-A connectivity so that we can use whatever capacity is available. All of this is a substance weighing only 770 grams and the size of a luxury beach.

Apple iPad Pro (2020)

The gel on the crown of Apple depending on your computers is not a Macbook, and that's it The Carrertino firm wants to change the paradigm potential a positive changeable approach across the industry.

They don't have the great Windows penetration that Microsoft has made in our lives, work and home, but even though the new 2020 iPad Pro is still on tablets with iOS, now it fully supports keyboard and trackpad which turns them into ultraportable computers with all the power of the App Store.

Also, your new add-on Smart keyboard changes the way you interact with your tabletAlso that it will not only serve as a cover / keyboard but also as a fully adjustable place for the pure style of hinges of any laptop. Not only that, and it is enter LIDAR equipping them with spatial information for thousands of opportunities in AR and games, in addition to dual camera with size 11 and 12.9 inches with prices ranging from 879 euros without discounts.

It's impossible to do telework with an Android tablet, not so much with a Surface or iPad

In an adaptation or death game, Android tablets choose the last one

While it's true that there are still some useful Android tablets, too firms like Samsung or Huawei are not giving up to give the market something of an attraction, the fact is that the market for this type of device and Android has been hacked free for many quarters.

The reasons are many, of course, but above all the main one is tablets have been consumed on all sides, large mobile phones can be folded from the bottom and PCs that change from above, converting them to the materials are assigned to the seating table and there is no hope of recovery.

It was necessary to adapt, and in seeking to further the common experience between desktop and mobile, the reality is Android lost the opportunity while Microsoft found its way and Apple dominated the metal armSo it makes sense that the Redmond and Copertino options are certainly the best in the sector.

If you give me a choice between iPad Pro and Surface the decision can be really difficult, but because of the characteristics of my work, experience and culture I will definitely go if you choose any of the Microsoft optionsAlthough the new iPad Pro looks great due to its good price, performance and opportunities as ultraportable.

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