Jony ive He is and always will be a fundamental pillar of the Cupertino company, however he has left Apple and we continue to feel some of his creations in the products being launched such as the iPhone 12 or the AirPods Max. Hardly anyone will be able to eclipse the good old Ive, as is the case with Steve Jobs, regardless of the good financial results Tim Cook offers.

Now Ferrari seems to be looking to Jony Ive, Apple’s design guru, to be the CEO of Ferrari. Surprising to say the least, this movement, but the rumors are growing stronger even among the Italian media.

It is clear that with the arrival of electrification in the automotive sector, the direction of driving changes completely. I don’t wanna drive on the right like the English, but what it feels like to step out of a Lamborghini Gallardo and step into a Toyota Auris hybrid. I had this experience and it is totally disheartening. For all this, certain automobile brands must bet on the search for added value in their cars now that the d isplacement and the turbo will be replaced by lithium cells and rapid charges.

Jony Ive is a specialist in providing these kinds of experiences that you don’t know why but that are better than others. Steve Jobs has explained how design is actually how it works, and it looks like it will be the job of Jony Ive at Ferrari, continuing to deliver an experience that will replace the fierceness of the uncontrollable prancing horse like the Ferrari F40. According to Reuters, the company that has a red tint to its name places the former British designer Apple in the spotlight, It is certainly an attractive challenge for Ive.