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KartRider Rush +, the original Mario Kart competitor, is now available on the App Store




KartRider Rush +

Nintendo has many games already available in the App Store and one of the most anticipated ones is the Mario Kart Tour, however The simple and single-handed way of playing did not please many, who was expecting a game similar to the one we found on Nintendo consoles.

For all those disappointed with that version, now comes the new Kart racing game that promises to bring us the same experience we had in the ancient Martin Kart games. His name is KartRider Rush + also recently made its appearance in the iPhone and iPad app store.

Be careful: It looks like this game had a slight interruption in the first lesson, while waiting for it to be updated it seems to work if you change your device's language to English, complete the tutori al and then switch back to Spanish. You can do this from Settings> General> Language and region.

KartRider Rush +, one of the best kart games in the App Store

The CrazyRing KartRider saga is by no means new and the company has a lot of experience, especially in South Korea, to see the characters not surprisingly. Now the world on mobile devices with KartRider Rush +, a full-speed racing game where we have multiple modes of the game.

The kart racing experience enjoyed by over 300 million players worldwide is back and better than ever with more style, more game modes, more excitement! Compete with friends or just play alone in various game modes. Collect and develop iconic characters and cards from around the KartRider universe. Drive the leaderboard and become a legend of the best race!

Though it's a racing game, the controls are somehow basic, nonetheless we can choose when and when to investigate giving the best curves. If we make the curves right we can use one of the speed enhancements that will appear. The game is totally free

, even though it has in-app purchases, and it will reward us if we go out every day to play.

KartRider Rush + game

We can customize our character with our Kart, make friends again compete in different game modes, including fast races, Arcade snot, rating mode and story mode, so you'll have some fun for a while:

  • Race for speed– Obtain licenses that open up more challenging competition forums as you go, and rely on pure skills to help you reach the finish line.
  • Arcade mode– Choose from a selection of game modes like Item Race, Infini-Boost or Lucci Runner to add an extra layer of instant fun to your race.
  • Sort type: From bronze to live legend, rising race rates and earning respect among your peers.
  • History mode– Join Dao and your friends and help them stop the tricky pirate captain Lodumani.
  • Time trial– Hit the clock and make your mark as the fastest runner.

As we finish races we can climb and face tough opponents, get it upgrade our race car and customize our character the way we like it. It's certainly a very fun game, despite its seemingly simple controls, you can have a great time winning trophies against thousands of players worldwide.


I started playing Xbox a lot thanks to Call of Duty online. Since then I haven't stopped playing competitive online.

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