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Know all about the new Poco F2 Pro from Xiaomi




Another Thursday we come up with a new episode of Connect, an Andro4all podcast where we talk about Android, Google, smartphones right now and all the most important news right now. Last week we chatted with my colleague Christian Collado about making better photos, today we bring you a special episode.

On the one hand, because we celebrate the year with you all – the first sensors are far from talking about Google I / O for 2019 – on the other hand, because Today we're talking about one of the most anticipated machines of the year, PoCO F2 Pro.

What about PoCO F2 Pro? Find Us On The Link, episode 54

PoCO F1 was revolutionary at the time. Xiaomi has been able to bring the market a mid-range and low-priced range phone. Of course a lot has changed since then and the new Poco F2 Pro has never been the same change as before, but that doesn't mean it won't be a real success. Stay with us to know all of the undoubtedly the current phone.

on the other hand we will talk about other exciting topics like the one holding Xiaomi's CEO using the iPhone and about to expand with Trump's veto on Huawei until 2021.

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And to you, what do you think of the new Poco F2 Pro?

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