Latest iOS 14.5 beta for developers 1

Today’s afternoon is full of new hardware stuff, but we can’t forget the software. Apple just launched a few minutes ago the last beta version of iOS 14.5 in this case it is the RC version, which stands for Release Candidate. We can say that if this is the last before the release of the official version, then we are very close to having iOS 14.5 available.

We have had beta versions of iOS 14.5 for months and are waiting for this RC to arrive so that we can say that we are entering the last phase of beta releases. The developers have from today a few days to review the version and that it has been made public.

There are a lot of users who like me are hanging around with the previous version until the official version is released, we don’t have the beta installed, so we don’t take advantage of unlocking the iPhone with Face ID and mask. This is achieved thanks to the Apple Watch, but like I say, many of us still cannot use this great feature that will officially arrive in about two weeks.

We were all waiting for the arrival of this RC version and it is finally available in the hands of the developers, we have less to have it officially installed on the iPhone. The improvements in this version are remarkable, so we hope they don’t delay their release for long.