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Less space on the iPhone? It can be a series with podcasts




Apple podcasts

It is customary to comment on series For now it is certain that podcast For now. And that the audio format has gained importance in recent years, suggesting some themes from unbelievable presenters, many children of the practice, or others who have turned it down as a result. In the case of the series, their success has also increased thanks to platforms like Netflix, Apple TV + and Disney +.

Given the opportunity to enjoy both genres on the iPhone, many people often download them for fun while away from home. However, most do not consider that the same size occupies a large space in mobile memory therefore it does not accept the practice of wiping them. For this reason, and if you have recently felt that you have less space on your iPhone, these systems may be responsible.

How can you test the location of series and podcasts on the iPhone?

Testing space used for podcasts and downloaded programs on iPhone or iPad We need to go through the simple menu we show below, followed by how to get rid of them once they're played.

  • Open Setup and select Normal.
  • Choose storage for iPhone or iPad
  • Scroll down and select Podcasts. If you select TV, you will need to tap Apple TV Upload to see the shows listed.

Remove iPhone space from podcasts

  • Depending on the option selected, you will see podcasts and shows on your device. On the right hand side is the amount of space you use.
  • To delete one or more items, tap Edit, the plus sign and then Remove.
  • Tap That's right when you're done.

Remove space from series and podcasts

In general, photos and audios are the things that make the most of our space. However, and especially if we have a habit of seeing series downloads or podcasts this is also responsible and we can now guarantee thanks to this process.

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