As you are well aware, many LG smartphones are starting to gain access to the Apple TV system and support the ApplePlay 2 protocol with updates. Not only that, but some recent releases have the full integration of Apple's AppleKit app, and this could drive some iOS users to decide on LG TVs (not to mention that Samsung also opted for this integration). Apart from that, these systems still have some flaws that brands are committed to reducing. LG confirms that the Dolby Atmos protocol will reach Apple TV and AirPlay 2 on their television by 2020.

The sound of Dolby Atmos is the emergence of the level that Dolby has been using up until now and that experience has become a benchmark in the audiovisual world. Usually Dolby Atmos is integrated and better for LG products

by the simple covenants they have made between them, though they are not served alone, they give priority. However, even though Apple devices are compatible with Dolby Atmos, Apple TV's use of LG TVs is no different, and neither does AirPlay 2.

Now LG has confirmed its Dolby Atmos will definitely be compatible with Apple TV and AirPlay 2 this year.

The problem is that as always not only did they not give a date to hold on to, but they also didn't tell us which televisions would receive such a review, and in addition it might be the only highs for 2019 and 2020. In this case Samsung has been “processing” a lot when it comes to expanding new features on its television, it can only be kept at a higher level, as it does in LG.