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LG may work on mobile "T"




LG, which has just officially revealed the new LG Velvet, which outlines all its features, continues to work with the arrival of new terminals. The company may have its hands on its new smartphone, which is the name of its code WING, which has appeared in other reports and is outstanding to have formation of "T".

As reported by ET News, the new smartphone to be followed by LG has something similar to the "T" letter. Among its features, this mysterious device would carry the form Double screen, which has already appeared on other company phones, such as LG V50 ThinQ 5G, up to a new level of an inch screen he would hide under a large screen.

Mobile Nokia T-shape

This way, when rolling the screen, the main screen is rotated to horizontal use, while the bottom panel stays upright. In addition, it has been donated the first picture of how a terminal can be in question, or created in two images, so it should not be considered something official. However, it w orks to make sure that this mysterious LG phone has the "T" notebook on and off. it is like two wings that open near the main building

Therefore, the name of its code is "WINGS" (meaning wings in Spanish).

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LG would work with a "T" letter and its code name is WINGS


In some of the features of this strange and unique phone, it turns out that it is likely to run the Clapdragon 7 series CPU and that it will come equipped 100 megapixel camera sensor. In the same way, the idea behind the small screen, which can have a 1: 1 aspect, is that you can provide a keyboard or additional information related to the big screen, that rumors suggest that it will be 6.8 centimeters.

The report shows that when you can edit an image or video, it is previewed on the big screen all the time Controls and commands are stored on the second screen. On the other hand, when watching a YouTube video, the second screen can be used to read comments at the same time. The possibilities are varied and useful, so far there is nothing official about this signal.

The device, according to the same source, currently is in the developmental stage. On the other hand, the source also says that LG will have plans for that introduced to the market from time to time this year. For now, all that remains is the wait for the company itself to officially provide details on this new and unique smartphone that will definitely speak to the smartphone industry.

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