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Mac and iOS mail client will survive



After a trip where it was certain that the email client would eventually die, it seemed Newton Mail ends with good news. Application has become the property of two developers, who announced in an article published in Medium that they would keep what they thought was "another excellent application has been developed"

It all started in summer 2018, when the first developers of Newton Mail announced that the service would be closed in a few weeks misreading the benefits of a long-term application and not earning enough money. It was bad news for all its users, who were few but very honest.

Two app followers own it

However, in February 2019 Newton re-emerged with a new subscription plan it happens to cost half as much. At the time, no one knew what had happened to anyone who was behind the action, but we now know that this was the result of the work of developers Maitrik Kataria and Justin Mitchell.

As MacRumors pointed out, the two developers took advantage of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus epidemic on it. find ownership of Newton Mail and keep it alive. They are already warning that they are not a large company or have foreign investors, but that in the process they are planning to implement some changes. These include fixing fitness flaws, improving technical support, complying with the GDPR and adding new features such as dark themes.

If you're a long-time Newton loyal subscriber, there's some good news: you can get a promotion to enjoy three months of free use. If you are a subscriber and you are not a subscriber, you may receive an email tempting you to make a change and a 20% discount applies to the payment. You can check out the client on macOS for free on his official website.

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