The Magic Keyboard is an amazing piece of engineering, the thirteenth sign by the Carlertino company is that it can continue to leave us open while working. However, the old ghosts keep coming back, in this case we return to the issue of battery, one of the weakest points for many years on certain Apple devices, something that up until now has not completely affected the iPad, it has been announced in this case.

Some users of the new magic keyboard make complaints about battery usage and how this may compromise the length of your iPad Pro.

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This Magic Keyboard is not turkey mucus, you have to pay more for what the iPad (2019) claims to be able to get one and one of its most widely criticized features is that it doesn't have a battery inside. To enable the illumination of its buttons and trackpad power it is important to use an iPad battery. The worst predictor analyzing this device feature is complete,

many users raise objections to Apple over excessive battery use this production.

Frankly, I'm sure most of the use is taken by key lighting, the same thing happens with other devices like Logitech Craft, whose high battery life with this kind of lighting is disabled, as is the case with many integrated battery keyboards. At that time 9To5Mac

They have addressed this issue and in their forums we get lots of complaints about users. Of course if you think it's a crime and not to charge while we charge the iPad as connected, I think Apple would have no problem installing a small battery in any app view. This, however, would have punished the weight, in itself surprising.

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