Are you bored at home? How does it spend on new devices? You are definitely one of those who never stop looking at the rendering pages that are looking for your new gadget, and today we want to give you one that has just come out of the oven … Introducing the new Marshall Uxbridge, a new speaker from the popular amplifiers product

(famous for its invention), which comes with some special features contact matters. After the jump we give you all the details of this new Marshall Uxbridge building.

As you can see, this is new Marshall Uxbridge brings us the famous design of the popular product of musical amplifiers. New interior design by adding market demand: AirPlay 2 and Amazon's leading assistant, Alexa. But we must remember that we are facing the speaker Has good audio response (54-20000 Hz) and that gives us a mono sound (it's one speaker). Marshall is on point, yes, but the fact is that this new range of uses cures some sound quality compared to the composition

, which eventually becomes what the product sells.

Uxbridge Voice combines Marshall's popular sound with the acquisition of Amazon Alexa, offering a speaker that is not only smart, but also light. Small in size but large in sound, this speaker provides a clean and accurate sound experience. With Alexa, you can use your voice in multitask without using your hands.

If you like it, we know that yes, you should know that this is new The Marshall Uxbridge is priced at 199 euros, at a very high price but the fact is that it is a fairly obvious adjustment considering that all they have added to this Uxbridge is the market tendency. I mean they need to add support for direct assistants and AirPlay 2. So, it's a new option to consider in the smart speaker market.