Matter is the result of the home automation alliance between Apple, Google and Amazon 1

The well-known project between Apple, Google and Amazon was only missing one name to use a single smart home standard. This project called CHIP (Project Connected Home over IP) gives one more step in its evolution and it is renamed Matter.

In this case, for those who do not know anything about the project, we can tell you that it is a kind of merger between the three big companies to use smart devices with one of their assistants, namely: Siri or the Home app with Apple, Amazon Alexa, or Google Assistant.

Each of the devices that receive this certificate for use with the different home automation systems will have a logo print (three arrows pointing to the center) which is the one you can see in the image below. This will be the way to identify products that work with ass istants from Apple, Amazon and Google.

Matter is the result of the home automation alliance between Apple, Google and Amazon 3

With Matter, the Zigbee Alliance is “dissolved”

What matters right now is that these big companies are joining their protocols to make all smart devices work with their assistants or with their official apps. In this way, the Zigbee protocol will be relegated with Matter, which doesn’t mean they stop working simply Matter will be the name used. In fact, Philips has already announced an update to its smart devices so that each of its accessories becomes compatible once Matter is launched.

There is no specific date for their launch, but the first devices certified by this alliance should arrive in stores before the end of this year 2021. Very good news for all users and even more for those who are “addicted” Of home automation. Since 2019, Apple, Amazon and Google have been working together on this project and it looks like the time has come to launch it.