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Microsoft Office for iPad: Full mouse support and guidance by 2020




Microsoft is working to achieve full mouse support and guidance on its iPad Office systems, something to be completed in the fall of this year. AppleOS version of iPadOS 13.4 has taken the industry and developers by surprise with the addition of this new tool. In addition to var

Currently, the new-Blur cursor works in applications, but it does not become a template in Word, for example, as it does on pages or other Safari websites. TechCrunch reports that "full compliance will enter the iPad Office this spring." However, Verge says it is "in the fall," which means it may be a bit earlier than expected.

To be honest, this will not hinder the processing of applications, but it does mean that you still have to use your finger to accurately select the text in Word, defeating the point of having a cursor.

However, Microsoft is completely working on updating its iOS apps, much better historically than Google, with its iOS apps like Docs difficult to use on the iPad.

Microsoft is expected to revamp all of its use of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, as well as a new One-Office application that integrates all three and is best used for Microsoft 365 registration.


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