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MIUI 12.1 will be coming soon to your Xiaomi phone with all these news



MIUI 12.1 will be coming soon to your Xiaomi phone with all these news

Some of the most important changes will come to your Xiaomi phone

With MIUI 12 on its way to other product centers, Xiaomi You are already thinking about a new version of your software. As they told TechinDeep, MIUI 12.1 is just around the corner, and the new version will come with some exciting news that has already been highlighted.

Changes will apply New images, new display features, system improvements and other functions, little by little, will come to devices that make up the Xiaomi catalog.

New fingerprint reader images on screen

Those carrying devices include a finger reader on screen you can choose between new photos opening after the arrival of MIUI 12.1. As already confirmed, they will be at least four new photos included in this version. In the passage below these lines you can check out one of them.

A safer keyboard

One of the most exciting tasks Xiaomi will include in the next version of its software secure keyboard. Although this device already exists in software for some products, it will be the first time we have seen it on Beijing mobile phones.

Although many details about its operation have not been disclosed, it remains to be seen how one of its options will allow change the sequence of buttons

to appear randomly, and in this way some people become more difficult when they try point to our PIN by the position of our fingers when we write it.

Chest app reset

While it is nothing new, the title of the application Xiaomi Phones will receive a complete update to the new version of Xiaomi software. Now, it will allow change the order of the shortcuts and the panel appearance is very similar to iOS.

Every display mode is customizable

MIUI 12 has already introduced a large number of customization options in the “Always Display” mode, giving Xiaomi phone owners compatible with this feature a possibility to change the look of this mode. In MIUI 12.1, Xiaomi will move on

giving the possibility show or hide certain items such as battery status or actions taken during the day.

New accessibility settings

The MIUI settings menu does not appear directly on its simplicity or simplicity. So Xiaomi wants to get started reset settings, and it all points to accessibility category It will be the first one. With MIUI 12.1, sections are added that will make it easier to find the options you want all the time, instead of showing a list of all available options as before.

Just this other MIUI issues 12.1. Most have already been tested on beta version of MIUI 12.1 in China, and soon they will finally reach the stable ROM branch, before making a leap on the devices sold worldwide. In addition to these changes, the portal mentioned above also refers to other issues included official change list for a new version:

  • The new Codec supports the LHDC V3 Codec.
  • Color Center incorporates an advanced style with date and time.
  • Additional text size and screen support in children's space.
  • Blood pressure measurements are included in the Xiaomi Health app.
  • The security patch was updated July 2020.
  • Updated OpenGL and Vulkan GPU Driver
  • Enhanced Super Wallpaper Function
  • New lock screen loading style (Mi 10 and Mi Mix Alpha loading style)
  • Converted screen rotation images
  • Additional option to change Quick Ball activation locations
  • Redesigned home style rearrange menu
  • New camera and gallery filters
  • An additional option to change the gallery album layout to view the list
  • 3D images in one of the main shortcuts of the Control Center
  • Improved behavior for stretch notifications
  • New options for faster video playback
  • A new option to store all game icons within the Game Turbo game space.

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