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Mobile batteries last for five days





When we compare a mobile phone today with one from a few years ago, the difference is obvious. Well-designed and elegant designs, advanced specifications, high-quality cameras … Anyway there is a section where the current smartphones are shrinking: battery.

Although almost all current calls exist withstands all day "normal" usage -One even twice, if it is true that since we use them so much there is no need to charge you during the day or to buy Powerbank.

Now, all of this could change soon and that lithium-sulfur batteries can hold for up to 5 days without reloading. All of this is obviously when this technology finally comes to market and they don't stay on it yet, it's an easy way.

For a world without plugs


This is what Engadget social media tells us. Evidently, researchers at Monash University in Australia say they are older the most efficient battery ever made to date


As they say, these batteries can be used near a mobile phone and allow them Use this app for up to five days without running it again. This is for example mobile phones because they have also stated that if they put one of these batteries in an electric car, it would hold about 1,000 km.

Now the next step is to produce these lithium-sulfur batteries and that they are ready for the global market. The problem is that while in the laboratory the progress of the battery is increasing, no one seems to want to produce and use them

. We don't really know what hidden interests exist so that these kinds of inventions don't go unnoticed, but the fact that we can't enjoy this good development is a real shame.

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