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Mobile updated with news from the Wild West, don't miss it!




The speed of gold

Call of Duty Content: Mobile does nothing except update. Each week, players in the mobile installations of this popular agreement have the opportunity to try it out new weapons, formats, characters or game modes. Sometimes, we may even get into an update that covers all of that and more. For example, not so long ago that last season came, "Once Upon a Time in Rust", new things that continue to arrive today.

And that, as usual in this game, a new update has just popped up in public. And, of course, it brings with it a lot of changes to generate a great season that started recently, and inspired by the Wild West. So, Call of Duty: Mobile gets its first experience directly related to this topic: Gold Rush. And so, our aim will be we have found a great deal of gold

it is possible.

To meet this challenge, we will need to play Casualty or Battle Royale certified modes. And of course, once we reach the goals set by the game we will have the opportunity to reap great rewards, such as Moonstone's design of the M4LMG weapon. Of course, the event won't go on forever, and we can only join her until May 21st

. Enough time for everyone to receive special prizes.

Work call

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But Gold Rush is not the only news item in this review. Also included two special drawings: Frontier Justice and Transportation dust. As always, they will give us access to unique features such as the RUS-79U – Dustkicker, which is already available in the new pool. Now, it's time to stop learning and get back on the battlefield, because you can't lose a second if you want to win all the prizes.


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