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Mobile with its latest update




Call of Duty: Mobile finally you have it Season 6, called & # 39; Once Upon a Time in Rust & # 39; what you bring new maps, new game modes, new events and more prizes to win, among other stories. Activation activity, more recently it has reached 150 million downloads, received these days a small update featuring stories from the Wild West, and also included a series of stories we will present below.

Mobile version of the popular Fractise activation, that's confirmed it will block cheats permanently, revealed all the details of this new update through the official thread of Call of Duty: Mobile on Reddit, which is also the first public review in May and which comes after the release of & # 39; Season with a huge explosion in the west, gaining a good reception from the players and engaging One of the most popular proverb maps: Rust.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6

Among other details, three new game modes have been added to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 6: Hold the flag, pay for one and miss the loss; in addition to a series of challenges, two characters and the passing of a new war. However, the game has a lot of content to come during the month of May, as a new team Battlefield mode

, a clever new grenade, many game modes as well a new map called Saloon, which will be officially available mid-month, among others.

The first of the upcoming innovations is the introduction Gold Rush, event entitled that players can enjoy until next May 21 and when appropriate to collect gold to receive unique rewards. For example, when playing mode Guaranteed releaseUsers can now collect gold bars or, in the case of War Royale, specially marked barrels that can provide a treasure map.

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Duty's new phone: The mobile update is now live

Call of Duty Mobile Season 6 road map

On the other hand, Call of Duty: Mobile has also started Outlaw, a powerful sniper rifle

opened at Level 12, and hopes to install new weapons, such as a natural hunter knife or a smoke grenade. The team responsible for the game has also donated map of the time of the new year, its users will be discovering new content, in addition to other used content, and that provides an annual review in one view (and that you see online.

In the same way, from Call of Duty: Mobile they say they have it listen to the public, gather ideas and refer them to the team responsible for making the game experience better. As such, they have confirmed that this season has some events and changes, but there are more to come soon, to emphasize that The next big revival in the game will take place in June..

Finally, they have confirmed that they have designed programs that will help with full development And, at the same time, they discussed various ways to add progressive options for those who are eagerly awaiting additional work. And as usual this update was made series of error correction and in the coming weeks the game will find new challenges.

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