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Motorola's folder, Razr, is being updated on Android 10




A few months after the launch of Motorola it has announced the update of the Motorola Razr to Android 10. Considering what the best model currently expected, the update will not be delayed for long.

Although the fact that it is not the best-selling mobile phone, its price is a barrier, the company wants to take care of those who paid 1,500 euros for it.

Android 10 arrives at Motorola Razr

The new update has features we already know about, such as navigation gestures or the system-wide mode. But the comp any has wanted to move on and introduce some new functions to the system to take advantage of the larger external screen (larger in comparison to those of the Galaxy Z Flip).

Quick View on video

The new function is called Quick View and allows Use the external mirror more and more effectively. The company released the video where we see its main activities.

Motorola's folder, Razr, is being updated on Android 10

When you upgrade to Android 10 you can switch from the external screen to access your favorite contact and phone finder. That is, we can drive without unlocking the cell phone.

When we do a left-handed action, the camera interface will be open to take a selfie.

There are also news on notifications on this screen, with a new interface similar to the one we have on any Android. Of course, it doesn't work with all applications. And we can even write a response to an email from that screen.

Motorola's folder, Razr, is being updated on Android 10

One of the functions of Quick View is integration with apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, YouTube Music and others, to be able to interact with them without having to show the in-screen.

To conclude, the company has said that it is already working on Android 11 with this model, so we have confirmed that a new type of connection will be used, with the expected price given Razr's price.


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