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My phone doesn't get microSD: What to do



Multiple users use the microSD card on their Android phones. It's a great way to have more phone space for your files. Although the use of this card is not always good, there are times when the cell phone cannot get a card, even if it is inserted and in the right place.

If your phone doesn't get MicroSD, there are many factors to consider, so that everything works normally. Since the root of the problem can stay both on the card and on the Android phone. Therefore, we show you a series of solutions to this situation.

Take out the card, and restart the phone

One of the first things to try in this kind of situation is to try to find the origin of the problem, to find out if it's a mistake on the card or on the phone. As always, the first thing we can try to do restart the phone, after removing the microSD card before restarting it. This is an important factor.

Once the phone is started, Insert the MicroSD card back into its place, to check that the phone has received it now. In most cases it will work again, the phone will retrieve it and we can use it. If the phone doesn't find it, there are other things we can try.

Clean the microSD slot

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MicroSD slot or tray is the place for it you can collect dirt completely, which may cause the phone to fail to detect or detect this card when we insert it. This is a common problem, but it is solved if we remove the tray from the fence and continue cleaning the slot and tray in question, there are some tips to help. We should also gently clean the card itself using a dry cloth, if there is any dirt on it.

There are times when dust particles enter it, which may be the cause of this problem. Once you finish cleaning this slot on your phone, Insert the MicroSD card again. Then it might work again.

Insert a card into another phone


The first two options were not given the opportunity to determine the root cause of the failure. Because if it doesn't work, we don't know if it's a MicroSD problem or a phone problem. So another thing we should try immediately Insert the specified card into another app compatible, to see if it is available on that device or not. It will allow us to at least determine the origin.

If MicroSD card is working properly on this new phone, and then the problem stays on our Android phone. If, on the other hand, on this new phone we cannot activate this card, then there is a problem with the card, which may be corrupted.

Format the card to your PC

If this card is the cause of the problem, because it doesn't work on any other device, you can try to format it. This is especially true if you have previously used a card on another device, such as a camera, which can cause problems when using it on an Android phone. Formatting it will allow it to remain in its original state and will be able to use it normally on the phone. The steps to do this are:

  1. Insert the card into your computer (usually with a microSD slot).
  2. Enter this group.
  3. Right-click the specified card.
  4. Click the format.
  5. Select Quick Structure.
  6. Wait for formatting to finish.

Once this is done, try installing the MicroSD card again on your phone. Possibly, it will work well and you'll be able to use it to save your files as an extra place to it.

Free up card space

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This is usually slow, although it is possible. That being said the microSD card is very crowded, there may be problems with writing or reading problems in it, which are either of these things that do not work well or prevent Android from seeing it. Turning on the card may help the phone recover.

Install the microSD on the computer, where it may work properly and try to free up space on it. Delete those unnecessary files and that they take up a lot of space. Once you've done this, try installing that card back to your Android phone.

Reset the phone

If a problem lies on the phone, which you no longer recognize as a MicroSD card, the worst solution is always near, how the factory function is to reset the device. Getting it back to its original state is one way to get rid of many of your problems, like this. Although it is something that should be reserved for more specific cases, it really does matter.

  1. Open settings.
  2. Install System.
  3. Click Reset.
  4. Select the Reset option for the phone.
  5. Click the reset button.
  6. Enter your PIN.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Wait for the phone to be reset or restored.

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