Netflix explores video games

Apple Arcade was one of Cupertino’s bets for the video game world. The service offers over 180 games available for free download upon payment of a subscription which varies depending on whether we pay for it individually or through Apple One. The system has already captivated millions of users who can be entertained with endless games of different categories. According to rumors, and these are not the first, Netflix is ​​reportedly considering launching the video game market by launching a system similar to Apple Arcade

with the aim of bringing the entertainment they already offer to another level of interactivity.

Interactive entertainment with Netflix and its own game market

Alarms have sounded at Netflix as managers seek out and capture the future executive who will drive expansion into the world of video games. This is what the Reuters agency assures in a press release commenting on the already announced leap towards video games by the largest streaming audiovisual content service of the moment. Netflix has already offered interactive experiences

based on video games such as games dedicated to Stranger Things or La Casa de Papel. However, what is machined in their offices now is something entirely different.

While all news needs to be understood carefully, what is clear is that Netflix wants to go beyond user interaction. He’s already done that with special chapters like “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch”. However, they now want to focus on the gaming industry and in everyday video games. To do this, they would consider the possibility of creating a service similar to Apple Arcade or Xbox Game Pass, services which, via a subscription, allow access to dozens of games: a “Netflix” player.

Netflix could resist Apple Arcade with its own video game service 1

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In response to questions from the press to Netflix executives and press teams on this issue nothing is denied or affirmed, they’re just dwelling on an idea that’s been on the table for a long time:

We are delighted to stick to interactive entertainment.