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Netflix was the first to discover HD quality in Europe




At the time of your arrest you may have seen "La Casa de Papel" in low maintenance without even realizing it. And that Netflix was the first streaming platform to meet the recommendation to temporarily reduce the quality of the content of the show, to avoid network collapse and saturation. Now, with the relief of the situation in several cities in Europe, too Netflix was the first to discover HD quality.

Thanks to the return to doing certain activities and enjoying a few hours away from home, the pressure on the bandwidth of the internet has lessened, so it is expected that all services that are struggling to some extent are back to normal. real and enjoy it again, maybe for days in between, Netflix's best release this month.

Netflix also pays for the quality of its distribution in Europe

According to information shared by iphonehacks HD video transmit and 4K HDR transmission quality has been achieved. Therefore, users in Denmark, Germany, Norway and other European countries have noticed that the transmission quality has returned to the preceding COVID-19.

However, the lack of comments on social media and forums has made it clear that algorithms for streaming Netflix video are so good most people have seen no video quality reductions where the company at that time. And very few users with a great deal of information, or those who have seen the information broadcast on the media, find that.

Like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube It was some of the most sought after services during the 1940s too, but so far there are no indications that it will restore the quality of its content in HD and 4K.

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