New Apple devices hit stores on Friday 1

The health crisis has accustomed us to buying differently, however, with new normal The old customs are coming back, one of them is going to the store to pick up the devices that have been waiting for so long, because let’s face it, buying online is not the same thing, especially when compared to a Apple Store.

Starting Friday, you’ll be able to pick up in-store the new devices that Apple recently launched like the iPad Pro or the new Apple TV 4K.

However, we recommend that you first take a look at the conditions for accessing and opening the Apple Store.

From May 21, users will be able to head straight to the Apple Store where they will be exposed to the new Apple TV 4K, the iPad Pro and of course the iMac colorful with Apple Silicon M1. As almost always, this date will not be limited only to the Apple Store but We can also go to the most common authorized points of sale such as Rosellimac or K-Tuin.

It will all depend on the availability of your area and other types of circumstances. According to Apple, 99% of Apple stores will already have a stock of these products to buy and take home.

However, the pandemic is still on the agenda, which is why We continue to recommend from Actualidad iPhone online purchase as the preferred system,

especially if you can avoid stores with usual crowds like the Apple Store in Sol in Madrid. Despite that, we know that many of you won’t resist the temptation to go take a live peek at the new iPad Pro and of course that brand new colorful iMac which surely won’t be the same on the photos only in real life, because Well, you already know, from May 21 you will be able to go to trusted stores.