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new cheap wireless headphones from Xiaomi




It wasn't too long since the launch of Mi AirDots 2, the second generation of Xiaomi is fully wireless. However, the brand decided this was a good time start an inexpensive program when it wishes to duplicate the success of the previous model.

For this reason, the company launched today in China 2D AirDots, a disconnected version of its wireless headset, at a lower price than just that 22 euros to change.

My AirDots 2 SEs, cheap and with up to 20 hours of battery

My Daughters 2 SE

The new couple of headphones Real wireless maintains the beauty line of all Xiaomi AirDots series. Their bodies are made of plastic, and they keep designs such as Apple & # 39; s AirPods, which have the "in-ear" and "reed" format. touch controls They are used to stop or play multimedia content, skip songs or ask for an invisible assistant.

AirDots 2 SE has it Bluetooth 5.0 and a dual microphone system that works properly to keep the system alive reduction of natural noise -ENC-. Also, they end up the same drivers of the 14.2 mm are available on AirDots 2, though we only have one AAC audio codec

unlike the more expensive models, they include codecs optimized for high-fidelity audio. And we don't have the kind of technology for active noise cancellation, which is normal by looking at the price range they go through.

Xiaomi Mi AirDots 2 SE

Xiaomi also offers its new headphones with infrared sensors that we get when we wear AirDots 2 SE, and then restart or stop playing music properly. its independence will be closer to five hours of fertilitythough charge charge promises another fifteen, twenty hours. All this with the weight of the end 4.7 grams per phone*, as well as 48 grams in the case of a charging case.

If necessary Re-charge the case, we have a USB Type-C port that confirms charging time of about an hour and a half.

Of course, AirDots 2 SE is compatible with iOS and Android devices, though they are designed to work with MIUI-based terminals. Those users with an Xiaomi phone can benefit from a your pairing plan which allows you to automatically connect your headphones by opening the case.

AirDots 2 SE is already on sale at the official Xiaomi store in China, at a price 169 yuan, 22 euros depending on the current change. At present, the company has not yet confirmed that the model will follow in the footsteps of True Wireless 2 and will reach other regions of the world. I'm afraid you'll have to wait a while until you clear your doubts, or go to one of the many imports, which I'm afraid it won't take long stock of this product.

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