New colors leaked for unpublished Apple AirTag keychains 1

One of the companies that works best for Apple is the Accessory Catalog. Certain accessories that they launch with their devices and which come to give new uses to devices, as in the case of keyboards, or even to protect them, with the different cases that we have available for iPhone. Obviously we can always turn to third parties, but the quality of Apple accessories must be praised. The last, the keychain for AirTags, and now we’ve just learned that not all of the keyrings that Apple had planned to release have been released …

Was the seller of Ebay “Recharge storeWho is known to offer original Apple accessories prototypes in his virtual store. A leak that indicates a new yellow color “California” on the leather key ring for the AirTags, and two straps in “electric” orange and navy blue (surf?) for the Apple tracking device. And it is that Apple finally tries several colors for its accessories and many remain on the road. This does not mean that we will not see them in the market, the non-launch is also due to the fact that it often has to be postponed due to supply issues. Indeed, in the first promotional image of AirTag, Apple has announced a “California” yellow color which is not for sale, and this is precisely the color we see in the top image of this post.

. A color that Apple would probably have decided to postpone due to supply problems as could have happened with the “electric” orange and navy blue that we see in the leaked image.

Can we trust this leak? Well, as we tell you, This user was already known to have put up for sale prototypes of Cupertino products that had not been launched but which ended up in the Apple catalog.. We’ll see if sooner or later Apple is encouraged to launch new colors for AirTag accessories. And you, do you already have your AirTags? Have you purchased an official Apple accessory or have you opted for an accessory for third-party AirTags?