New iMac, iPad Pro, and New Apple TV launch on May 21 1

During the last Keynote on April 20, Apple presented us with new products: the long-awaited AirTags, a new iPhone 12 in purple, the new Apple TV 4K, new iPad Pro with M1 processor, and a surprising new iMac with M1 processor. Apple has thus renewed a large part of its catalog to adapt them to new times. And they understand … Today was the day of AirTags and the new purple iPhone 12, we asked about them in the Apple Store and they are breaking records. Today was the day to reserve the other products and we already know from which day they will be Available: May 21

. Keep reading as we give you all the details of this launch of the expected iPad Pro M1, iMac M1 and Apple TV 4K.

And that’s one of the things they commented to us today in the Apple Store when we went to get the first AirTags, is that many people had approached the store to request the launch of these products. Obviously, they don’t have them there and it’s through the Apple Store Online that we can book them. The launch as they say will take place on May 21

, the day we can go to the Apple Store to see them, yes keep in mind that you might end up with entry restrictions although they surely have a unit for sale inside.

If you make the reservation online, the delivery time (at the time of writing) it’s quite disparateSome products like the new iPad Pro M1 now ship in June, while others like the new Apple TV 4K still have a May 21 ship date. With these dates we can see the demand for these products …

There was a desire for the iPad Pro, and the M1 will be the key to change, but little desire for Apple TV4K, or at least this Apple TV that they presented to us … The wait is increasing, if you are thinking of getting yourself one of these new products, do not delay because it is definitely the time to change and get them as soon as possible.