New improved stabilization for iPhone 13 cameras 1

The stabilization of the iPhone’s camera is one of its main strengths, which is why despite having even started competing with devices with better cameras on paper, the reality is that they are still quite far from iPhone video recording in all aspects.

According to analysts, The new iPhone 13 range will include optical displacement stabilization in all of its devices.

Without a doubt Apple will continue to work on the camera and bet on video recording to differentiate itself from direct competition, will this breakthrough in stabilization mean a real leap in quality? We will see it.

According to DigiTimes, as they shared MacRumors, sensor displacement stabilization will be present in all devices that will be launched at the end of 2021. This feature will not only allow recordings with a stabilization more typical of a film camera, but also we will be able to improve the quality of the photographs in the worst lighting conditions.

The makers of VCM (Voce Coil Motor) have been urged to increase their manufacturing capacity by 30-40% to meet the high demand following its inclusion in the new iPhone range.

This type of sensor is already present in the wide-angle sensor of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, with obvious results, achieving noticeable improvements both in photographs and in shots in low light conditions. With the iPhone 13, this kind of stabilization will not only reach the “big man” of the family, but it will be present even in the lower ranges, like the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 13 Mini. The photographic section of the iPhone 13 will be the main attraction for users and where Apple will focus its efforts, it therefore seems that we will rather be facing an iPhone 12 “S”, are you interested in these new features from Apple?