Shazam is giving away 5 free months of Apple Music

Christmas is fast approaching and subscription services know it. Nowadays, in the tradition of Black Friday, many services are starting to offer free trials for longer periods on their platforms in order to make themselves known to new users. However, the key moment for these companies is when the trial periods end and the user decides whether or not to subscribe. In the case of Shazam offer 5 free months of Apple Music for new users music detection platform, as long as you are not an Apple Music user.

Shazam gives 5 months free to Apple Music

Christmas offer until January 17th! Download Shazam now and scan any song to receive up to 5 months free of Apple Music. Terms apply to new Apple Music users in UK, AU, US, CA, IN, NO, SE and more.

Apple Music is Apple’s music streaming service. It’s been available for several years, and over time lays the foundation for one of the services that brings the Big Apple the most money each quarter. However, they are not able to reach the stratospheric figures that Spotify handles with much more travel. For new users, Apple Music offers a trial period

So that the user knows the platform and decides whether he wants to invest his money or not.

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This Christmas Shazam decided to give Apple Music five months free for new users. To access this offer, it is essential that the user is a new Apple Music user. In other words, you haven’t purchased a trial period or subscription to a plan before.

Although some users have a banner in the Shazam app, the procedure to access the free months is simple:

  1. Download Shazam and create an account.
  2. Scan a song and listen to it on Apple Music using the link that appears in the result of the app itself.
  3. Once on Apple Music, Shazam will give you the five months free.