Jessie Warner Media

The name Jessie Henderson may not be right for you, but it is former vice president of WarnerMedia. In this sense, the executive is part of Apple TV + and the team of the original Apple series. The signing was announced in a publication in The Information.

It seems that Apple wants to improve its streaming video service even further and that is why it is using all available resources, from the production of the series itself, from the original documentaries, by purchasing the rights to some blockbuster movies ( taking advantage of the era of the pandemic to release them to your service) and logically with the signing of experienced executives in the sector like Henderson.

Production of series and films increases

As can be read in the report published in Information Apple is working hard to add more content to the streaming service and it is true that it is late and maybe now in the time of COVID-19, it is not having the best time in this regard, even though it is. is true that we all know that Apple We will give up so easily and continue to research and produce series. Money also has a logical influence and in this Apple is more than enough.

Competition with video streaming services is complicated and more so when there are giants like HBO, Netflix, etc., but Apple continues to make its own way. In this case signing Henderson for the Cupertino company can bring experience and that is, as we commented at the start She was a feature film supervisor for HBO Max. A new signing for Apple TV + that can bring a lot, no doubt.