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New to the Telegraph? 6 important settings to customize the app




In the last few weeks, many users have signed up for Telegram, an application that has been using El Androide Libre to work since its existence. Despite not being a great app, one of its advantages is in it customization skills, for which we can experience a unique and personalized experience.

If you are one of the users that download the program and do not enter the settings, you miss the Telegraph a lot. In this article we will show you 6 important settings to have the best user experience. All are settings that you can access in the app settings menu, and we recommend that you check them out.

1 – Prevent Tragram from getting too much space

Many people tend to have space problems on WhatsApp, and although they have told you that Telegram is simple, this may not be the case. The messaging app survives as the number of files, photos and videos sent to you. And if you move all your conversations and invitations to the Telegraph, it will eventually replace the same WhatsApp.

However, here we have more freedom to control space. If we will Settings -> Data and storage We will have space management options. In Consumption of storage We can clear the cache, or system so that the downloaded multimedia can be stored for 3 days, 1 week, 1 month or forever. If you have limited space on your phone, the option of keeping up to 3 days of media only is very useful.

And we can schedule automatic downloads over Wi-Fi, mobile data and navigation, being able to automatically download content that takes up less space.

2 – Telegal privacy settings, are important

In the Telegraph, in addition to signing in with a phone number, you can have a username so that other users can contact you. This is very helpful, but it also carries risks, and that if you enter large groups and don't have your privacy, they can enter your phone number or personal information.

From Settings -> Privacy and security We will have a choice:

  • Block contacts so they can't talk to us.
  • Choose who can see our phone number.
  • Choose who can see our last connection time.
  • Choose who can see our contact picture.
  • If they are not able to forward our messages to the other conversations and format they are sent.
  • Choose who can call Telegram voice calls.
  • Who can add to groups and channels.

One thing we love about privacy options is that we can choose everyone, your contacts or no one else, but we can always apply.

3 – Manage our account

Another important privacy option is account management, and that we can work with is guaranteed in two steps, in addition to the lock code. Since Telegraph is a multi-device app, we will also have the opportunity to opt out of other apps. For example, in case you lose your mobile Telegram or access to someone else's computer and forget to close your time.

4 – Notification management

One of the best features of Telegram is notification management. Although we may apply general rules to our contacts, groups or channels, The Telegraph allows us to manage the notifications for each conversation, group or channel.

We can temporarily or permanently mute, or use certain settings, such as a user notification to make a sound but it vibrates. Now the power is in your hands.

5 – Personalization of conversations

In Settings -> Conversations We can change the Telegal decoration completely, be able to choose Color Themes, and adjust the black mode and how we want to have it. If we have Android 10 we can use the app black mode, but in the previous version we can either edit it or the Telegraph to use the dark theme when there is less light.

6 – Organize discussions into folders

Folders are one of the latest news from Telegrams and have been one of the most anticipated trends for many years. With folders, we can separate all conversations by tab, leaving groups on the one hand, channels on the other, another work group or family discussions. When we create folders, the appearance of the main menu will change so we can access it.

And with this, we will already be manually created a Telegram as we please. If you come from WhatsApp, you may have found a lot of new content and maybe you want your friends to finally join this wonderful app.





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