Virtual reality has begun to gain power in recent years. However, these technologies are neither advanced nor integrated in our lives. In the future, it is very possible that the majority of everyday activities revolve around facilities and services of this nature with accessories of all kinds. Companies are investing heavily in developing this sector. For example, Apple with its ARKit development kit. Other companies like Niantic, the inventor of Pokémon GO, are also investing and doing it buying a 6DDai real stratup dislikes

improving and expanding the capabilities of its technology.

6Dai will join the Niantic Real World team

The true Niantic-based virtual platform is designed to allow users to engage in this shared world integrated off-road with the real world. Built on a proven foundation to measure and embrace hundreds of millions of users, Niantic's real-world platform manages shared worlds, communications, security, mapping and unpleasant realities. Contact our organization team for information on building products using Niantic technology.

One of Niantic's lines of operation is its product The Real World. Big and popular games such as Pokémon GO or Harry Potter: Wizards Unite are based on the technology that has been introduced for a long time since the first games were introduced. The purpose of a company like Niantic improve and expand their technology to proceed further.

In this case it is necessary invest in acquiring companies and launching with good ideas to change the main idea. Niantic has announced the purchase of the startup 6D, is a truly dedicated stratup not compatible with the 3D map SDK used by many applications today. The announcement was made official by a joint statement on both official blogs. It has been announced that the whole team will join the Niantic mission. In addition, access to the SDK will be terminated within the next 30 days. The shift in focus will be introduced in the way that help developers, all from the Niantic Real World platform.

Imagine that everyone, at the same time, can see real Pokémon shelters or see dragons flying in the sky and earth in buildings in real time. Imagine that our favorite characters take us on a walk through the hidden gems of the city, or friends who leave notes for others to find later.