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Nintendo will continue to introduce mobile games such as the Super Mario Run or Mario Kart Tour





Shuntaro Furukawa, President of Nintendo, confirmed during a question-and-answer session (Japan) with his investors financial results conference who will continue to work in mobile games.

Currently, the company is very focused save six games. But there seems to be other topics in the full transition. However, they have not announced the arrival of any specific game. As revealed by Alfabetajuega, all of Nintendo's efforts have been directed to the new video games for its Conch switch.

The president of a large Japanese company has confirmed that Nintendo will continue to use the same highly successful strategy: instead of developing more smartphones, they will use the mobile platform to make promote your product

and expand your business model.

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Nintendo Marketing Strategy

The incredible success of the Nintendo switchch led many to think that the Japanese company is putting aside the development of mobile games. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nintendo continues to develop new titles for smartphones.

At the tax results conference, Shuntaro Furukawa reiterated that Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a success. It gained momentum for new players and active users during Animal Crossing: New Horizons Release Time. A clear example of the intimate relationship between mobile gaming and gaming consoles, it must be admitted that Nintendo's strategy is very smart.

In the end, Shuntaro Furukawa wanted to add that from Nintendo they never expected or expected the mobile gaming business to bring them good economic benefits. But they will continue to be available in the market for this sector to continue to encourage players to enter the realm of their video game characters.


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