Many of you will be taking advantage of this opportunity these days thinking about the next gadget to buy to make your house a little heavier. Understandably, eventually spending time at home lets us come up with new ideas for improving our sound system, our smart windows, or get all our home lighting tailored to our device. And today we want to tell you about her cleans the air for the first time with HomeKit, of course, don't think of it as a way to protect your house against Coronavirus …

After the jump we tell you more about this air purifier that works with Apple HomeKit.

We were recently introduced to the guys from HomeKit News, a new air purifier Vocolinc which has already been purchased in the European market with a delivery of only 11 days. I have a total of 447 euros, and among its features we find an air filter with high HEPA image quality. As they noted is able to extract up to 99.5% of the gases and particles of more than 0.3 bacteria in our room

, and the best part is that it covers an area of ​​up to 100 square meters. This is what they tell us at the company itself:

Smart air purifier, produces extremely low noise: 27dB in sleep mode, maximum air circulation: up to 100 square meters, effective air purification capacity: biliveirectional airflow, real HEPA and activated carbon: filter technology triple, 5 color-coded Indicators, Works with: Google Home, Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit.

You know, if you're thinking about cleaning the air of your home this could be it a great option because of the networking options it offers and the opportunity to control it remotely thanks for these. Obviously, as we discussed this has nothing to do with Coronavirus so don't cut into a device like this to protect yourself. To know this, stay home and stay clean.