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Not for you, Castilian has disappeared as a language on Apple TV +




Apple TV +

The Apple TV + was introduced a bit last month and seems to have just discovered its first big mistake, at least for users living in Spain. Overnight Apple TV Broadcast Service lost to the Spanish language of Spain and it is currently impossible to use it in any original Apple series.

The Apple series has been translated into many languages ​​and among them we have acquired two types of Spanish, Spanish translation and other Latin American translations. But even without realizing it, the Apple series is no longer available in Spain in Spain and is the only Latin American option.

Error that should be corrected soon

The disappearance of Spain (Spain) from Apple TV + has happened on all platforms, no matter what you see on IPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV or compatible TV, you will not be able to choose Spanish language from any of the original Apple products.

Apple TV + not Spanish

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Apple has not yet provided any kind of official clarification, though it looks like the company's technology resources have reported it to be a temporary change and The Spanish language (Spain) should be here again soon

, however, is unavailable at this time.

Although they may look similar, the pronouncements in Spain (Spain) and Spain (Latin America) are quite different, and although users in Spain can use it to follow the Apple series and understand it, doesn't seem like an option because both words say they are not the same as many different words.

I hope Apple is fixing this error very quickly and the bizarre language in Spanish (Spain) is back to Apple TV + very soon, we'll update this entry when it's available again.


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